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Abbeth Russell

Abbeth Russell is a painter and performer who has been active in the Portland community for over a decade. Since graduating from Maine College of Art in 2011 with a BFA in painting she has been in more than 65 art shows in the greater Portland area. Abbeth is the founder of Protect Portland’s Creative Community and the co-founder of Hidden Ladder Collective, an art group that has been organizing interactive events and hosting weekly art nights in Portland since 2012. Both locally and while regularly touring the country (currently on hold) she can be found juggling and playing music with her band, The Bumbling Woohas. In 2015 she was awarded “Best Street Performer” by The Portland Pheonix. Abbeth is an art and juggling teacher and has spoken through TEDx and Pechakucha about her passion for making art more accessible.

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