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Adriane Herman

Residential Fellow at Lunder Institute for American Art, Adriane Herman frustrates efficiency at Maine College of Art & Design; studied at Smith College + UW-Madison & co-founded Slop Art. She's had solo shows at Adam Baumgold Gallery; Western Exhibitions; Kiosk Gallery; Kansas City Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art; CMCA; and SPEEDWELL Projects. Group exhibitions: The Brooklyn Museum; The Dalarnas Museum; PMA & Chosen Barren Land (Taiwan). Her work is in collections including The Nelson Atkins Museum; The Progressive Art Collection; The Spencer Museum; The Ulrich Museum; Yale Univ. Art Gallery & The Whitney Museum of American Art.

I explore accumulation and release in our physical and emotional landscapes, leveraging the power of witnessing to facilitate letting go. After a decade spent collecting, studying, and re-presenting crowd-sourced grocery and other “to do” lists, i.e., archiving trash, I now occasion opportunities for myself and others to offload things and make meaningful connections with strangers through authentic written expression and publicly shared vulnerability. My non-monetized “Emotional Value Auction” foregrounds the generosity inherent in receiving. (Basically, I pay attention to attention.)


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