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Amy Stacey Curtis

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

From 1998 to 2016, I completed an 18-year project, 9 solo-biennial exhibits of large-in-scope, interactive art in 9 vast mill spaces throughout Maine. In the end, I mounted 81 participatory installations while cleaning by hand each historic space (averaging 25,000 square feet). Each solo biennial was a 22-month process exploring a different, predetermined theme, inviting audience to activate each exhibit's 9 unique works.

In 2017, I was debilitated by brain injury caused by Lyme Disease. Progressing from wheelchair, to walker, back to my feet, I have presented new concepts with help from my local community. I work from Lyman, Maine.

I make large-in-scope, interactive installation. I initiate each of my works which are then perpetuated and resolved by the audience. In this way, the work is not really my own. For each installation, I instigate a desired vision through provided guidance. Then, by relinquishing these concepts to my collaborative audience, my work sometimes proceeds in unanticipated ways. These uncontrollable unknowns are likewise a crucial part of my work.


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