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Bonnie Bishoff

I grew up in Pennsylvania and attended Oberlin College where I studied Studio Art and Environmental Studies. Upon meeting J.M. Syron we began collaborating on carving and furniture projects. I taught middle school science and after we married and had two children I turned to furniture making full time. We developed the use of patterned polymer clay veneers for surface design on our furniture and have continued to innovate techniques with this medium to include lighting, sculpture , jewelry and wall sculptures. We have sold our work at galleries, shown at museums and craft shows all over the country.

"Line, form, pattern, construction and structure are a constant source of curiosity for me. To study the pattern of a shell, the petals of a flower, the feathers of a bird is a meditation, creating a sense of knowledge and reverence. Patterns reflect the exuberance of life force; growth in all its iterations. To create a pattern yourself reveals this complexity and our part in it. Form defines the beauty of structure and supported interrelationships. What we see in the world around us can be a window to understanding our own path. We are small parts of an astounding world."


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