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Brian Smith

Brian Smith holds a Master of Fine Arts from Maine College of Art & Design, where he also teaches as an adjunct professor. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Smith has exhibited in a series of group shows in places such as Maine, Antwerp, Texas, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, and Montana. He has been written about in the following magazines: The Chart, Floorr, Divide, as well as Working Artists. Smith’s work is currently on view at the ICA at MECA&D in the Poetics of Process group show.

Brian Smith is a sculptor interested in philosophies of queer ecology, and human’s relation to nature. His content interprets the natural world, and translates a yearning to reconnect with it through the language of reflection and desire.

Subjects in the work include the human form, and objects/textures mimicking nature and natural phenomena. Smith incorporates vintage, found, photographs as materials in his sculptures, depicting either natural elements or queer content. Using images from the past and present seeks to create an atemporal understanding of human’s relation–and subsequent impact–on the greater environment.


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