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David Estey

"My paintings are purely improvisational but as a Mainer, I cannot escape the rugged beauty, harsh realities, Down East humor or global humanity of life here.

Those things bubble up in the creative process. I work all the elements and principles of design to create a new, exciting whole, either nonrepresentational or surprisingly narrative. They always celebrate the rich use of color and texture in an innovative exploration of form.

In the end, I want to step back in wonder and think, 'Wow, look at that!'"

David is an improvisational painter in Belfast, Maine who taught himself to draw and paint.

He earned a BFA from RISD, studied in Rome, was drafted and spent four years as an illustrator at Ft. Meade, MD. He earned a MSA from George Washington University and had a federal career in public affairs. He practiced and taught art, studying 14 years at PAFA. He married a woman from Austria, raised a son and daughter, divorced and remarried.

He has exhibited successfully in PA, NC and Maine, with 22 solo shows and over 80 group/juried exhibits. He is collected in 20 states and seven countries and has produced over 10,800 pieces of art.


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