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Elijah Ober

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Elijah Ober is a sculptor and animator based in Maine. He studied Art and Anthropology at Bowdoin College. He has attended residencies at the Ellis Beauregard Foundation, Monson Arts, and Gardenship. His work has recently been shown at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art and the Portland Museum of Art, as well as Cove Street Arts, Elizabeth Moss Galleries, and New System Exhibitions. Elijah is the recipient of a 2021 Maine Arts Commission Project Grant.

"I am an artist working in sculpture and animation. My work explores our relationships with ecosystems, our own wildness, and our fellow humans. Most of the work I’ve been making lately has been about little creatures that I notice, admire, and start to learn about. Animals that live well in human landscapes are viewed as pests when they are not overlooked. But when you focus on these creatures, they are wild, vibrant, and capacious. It is joyful to make them protagonists, imagine their futures and project our feelings onto them."


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