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Jeffery St. Peter

I was born and raised in Caribou, Maine, at age 3 I started drawing and continued to have an interest in art throughout my childhood. In 2003 I started studying art with Therese Provenzano at UMFK. During that time I got into a life altering car accident leaving me with a brain injury and PTSD. In 2011 I met and started working with the artist Jean Pilk; who influenced my art profoundly. I also worked privately under Cliff Boudman for 2-3 years beginning in 2016. I go for a run every day.

In my earlier work, I did a lot of portraiture and landscape art. Today I still enjoy representation but I have evolved into doing more abstract art and deconstructionism. I avoid prescribed pathways an complementary colors in my art, and work from my imagination. I love using hearts, faces, animals and swirls. My works evolve into themselves, they are always new and spring from me organically. I use fluorescent, contemporary colors, breaking away from early abstract art. Nft’s have become a new inspiration for me.


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