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Judith Daniels

Judith M. Daniels is a contemporary artist in love with fiber and textiles and the many possibilities for layering and manipulating soft materials.

She is a transplant from Boston, MA, where she lived for most of her adult life, to Rockland, ME where she has now lived and worked full time for the past four years. She has found the Midcoast Maine art community to be incredibly supportive, warm, and welcoming. She has a bachelor's degree in Arts and Crafts and History from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

"When making one of my fiber pieces I may start out with a particular idea or concept but as the process continues my intuition takes over and I allow the materials, the color, and the evolving design to speak to me to tell me the direction in which to move with it. This way of working gives me a great deal of freedom to let the piece grow and come alive in an organic manner. The work is multi-layered involving materials of wool, silk, flax and bamboo fibers, textile paints, and thread."


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