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Lynn Duryea

Professor Emerita of Art at Appalachian State University in Boone NC, Lynn Duryea was a studio artist working in Maine before earning a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Florida. She now works in Maine full-time, in South Portland and on Deer Isle. Lynn is a Founding Trustee of Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts and a co-founder of Sawyer Street Studios, an artist-owned ceramic facility in South Portland, Maine. She was a recipient of the Maine Crafts Association 2012 Master Craft Award. Her work is widely published and has been exhibited internationally.

The ordinary can be quite extraordinary. Through elemental shape and form, my reference is to architectural, structural and mechanical elements. The representation of function is in an allusive and enigmatic sense. Close consideration of these images of simplicity and stillness reveals a sense of history, traces of transformation that generate narratives of accretion and deterioration. Surfaces are generated by means of building up and wearing away, a layering and removal of materials that implies processes occurring over time, suggesting previous use and depicting the effects of decay, erosion and weathering.


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