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Lynne Barr

Lynne Barr has been a working artist since 2016, after publishing three books with Stuart, Tabori & Chang/Abrams in which she developed new techniques, stitch patterns, and constructions for hand knitters. In 2021, Barr had her first solo show, Telling Stories, at 3S Artspace in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and was awarded a Project Grant from the Maine Arts Commission in support of this show.

Barr received a BS in Mathematics with a minor in Art from the University of Miami. She was raised in Coral Gables, Florida, and currently lives in Cornish, Maine.

What do we show the world of ourselves, and what do we choose to keep private? How well do we really know ourselves and why do we choose to believe what we do? These are among the questions that interest me as I work and reflect on my own behavior and beliefs and the behavior and beliefs of others, particularly in our current political climate. Also, as religion is ever more influential on politics and policies enacted and retracted in this country, my concern about religion plays a prominent role in my work.


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