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Pamela Moulton

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Prolific collaborator, as both educator and artist, Pamela Moulton tries to foster an ethos of generosity and creative exchange through her public engagement work. Making art, exhibiting, and collaborating with multigenerational communities for over 35 years in faraway places like Albania, India and beyond, Pamela has returned to Maine after 25 years residing in France. She received her BFA from UVM and Villa Arson, France in 1984 and her MFA from the Ecole Supérieure d’Art d’ Aix en Provence. She then studied dance pedagogy at IUFM Blois which was the catalyst for her collaborative large-scale performative community projects.

Pamela’s installations are large-scale, playful, hands-on, exploratory and mysterious. Moulton is a multi-disciplinary-community artist where world-building and collaboration are the building blocks of her practice. Pamela's work is created from recycled materials; a choice based in environmental consciousness. Moulton has installed large, public-facing installations in the United States and abroad, her most recent project is an immersive piece commissioned by Arcadia Earth Experiential Museum in Las Vegas. A collector and material driven, Pamela creates environments focusing on the universal need for creative multi-sensory interaction, striving to communicate a joyfulness in today’s pandemic climate.


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