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Raphael Gribetz

I spent many hours in the museums of the great city of New York. I watched the brush strokes of Rembrandt, Titian and Hans Hals. I stood very close to the sculptures of Brancusi, Moore and Arp. I witnessed the creative magnificence of hundreds and hundreds of great artists in those awe inspiring museums.

I stumbled down the steps of those museums, stunned, I walked and walked up the west side of Manhattan with the great winds coming off the Hudson River. The wind blasting my face with questions. How will I come to be in the company of artists? How will I find my way? How did they do it? It happened, I had a great partner for many years, my wife Nilda (bless her memory) who believed in me. I deeply feel God's grace, blessings and guidance, I feel excited, inspired and involved with my work everyday.

For all of this I bend my head in humility, I open my heart to prayer and my eyes fill with tears.


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