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Matt Demers & Allison McKeen

Matt Demers is a visual artist living and working in Gardiner, Maine. A quiet person, Demers closely observes the fevered and cross-talking world, absorbing and collecting its art and ephemera, and learning or imagining the meanings that odd objects, forgotten texts, and torn treasures carry with them. Demers is or has been an art and antiques collector, sign maker, gravedigger, embroiderer, antiques dealer, and graphic artist; those experiences shape the various techniques and media that make their way into his paintings. He is drawn to the misfiled and overlooked fragments of the past and the ways they might shine if rightly considered.

Allison McKeen a self taught interdisciplinary artist living and working in Gardiner, Maine - currently focused on printmaking, design, illustration, and painting. my work is an exploratory adventure of shape, color and pattern - inspired by themes of nostalgia, nature, home, adventure, comfort, and play.


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