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Our third pop-up show, '3', was hosted in partnership with the Frank Brockman Gallery in Brunswick, Maine in March of 2023. We exhibited the work of four Maine artists, including Lynne Barr, Lynn Duryea, Mark Little, and Oliver Solmitz. This was our first pop-up to stay open for four consecutive weeks. All month long the space was filled with buzzing energy, thoughtful conversation, and a mutual love and appreciation for the arts in Maine. Photography courtesy of Ezrah Churchill and Morgan Richardson.


“I don’t recall ever being to an opening quite like the one that heralded “3,” the pop-up show put on by Norway-based Lights Out Gallery at the third-floor Frank Brockman Gallery in Brunswick (through April 2). I was very familiar with the work of two of the four artists in the show (Lynn Duryea and Oliver Solmitz), and found the work of the other two (Lynne Barr and Mark Little) wonderful and surprising.” – Jorge S. Arango, Portland Press Herald

ARTISTS | Lynne Barr, Lynn Duryea, Mark Little, Oliver Solmitz


'3' was also the first pop-up we've put on in an already existing gallery. The third floor of this beautiful Brunswick building was an inspiring space, filled with distinctive quirks and rustic charm. This show was also our smallest group show to date, focusing on the strength and simplicity of shape, form, light, and shadow. '3' marked a turning point for Lights Out in a way – it was a beautiful example of the energy and power of the Maine arts community, coming together to support something new and exciting with open arms. 

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