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This blowout fundraising show of over 120 Maine artists helped benefit the restoration and renovation of our new home at Maine's historic snowshoe factory-turned-art center in Norway, Maine. It included notable Maine artists such as Lois Dodd, Katherine Bradford, Duncan Hewitt, Warren Seelig, Rose Marasco, and many more. We brought together small works from our past-featured artists as well as new selections from across the state. Little Sparks was a prime example of the magnitude and vigor of Maine's art community. With overwhelming interest and support, this show attracted nearly one thousand visitors and illuminated our mission to show emerging and established artists alongside one another. Photography courtesy of Ezrah Churchill and Benjamin Troutman


"At their new home at the snowshoe factory at 10 Tannery Street in Norway, the group has undertaken an art movement in Western Maine, transforming the industrial structure into a myriad of studios, a public park, and exhibition space." – Advertiser Democrat

This show helped us ignite our “Raise the Roof” campaign, marking the beginning of our fundraising to build a new Art Center in Western Maine and permanent gallery space for Lights Out. We raised nearly $50,000 of our $75,000 goal with this spectacular show. Check out our ongoing GoFundMe to help us breathe life into this important opportunity for the Maine arts community. 

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ARTISTS | Maria Wolff, Lawrence Hardy, Tracy S. Mastro, Rose Marasco, Avis Turner, Kathy Weinberg, Heather Newton Brown, Karen Jelenfy, Santiago Farias, Cynthia Motian McGuirl, Doreen Nardone, Matt Blackwell, Jimmy Viera, Judith Daniels, Thea Hart, Greg Jamie, Katherine Bradford, Judy Schnieder, Celeste Henriquez, Abby Shahn, Alison Hildreth, Adeline Goldminc Tronzo, Alan Crichton, Samaa Abdurraqib, Sarah Haskell, Greg Shattenberg, Kenny Cole, Raphael Gribetz, Dan Dowd, Ashley O'Brion & Christina Wnek, Nancy Nevergole, Keil Borrman, Cash For Your Warhol , Steve Bartlett, James Meyer, Matt Demers, Ian Trask, Eugene Koch, Michel Droge, Margaret Leonard, Sol Carpenter, Kharris Brill, Joseph Holtzman, Sam Giberson, Eddie Langlois, Jon White, JM Syron, Bonnie Bishoff, Ezra Boucher , Deborah Whitney, Emilee Stark Menneg, Holden Willard, Tom Flanagan, Warren Seelig , Munira Naqui, Briana Gerrish, Carla Weeks, Fang, Hector Magaña, Harlan Crichton, Ellen Golden, Lynn Duryea, Ben Troutman, Chelsea Ellis, Georgia Ryan, Sandy Olson, Don Best, Susan L. Smith, Pea Guilmoth, Yvonne Maiden, Eric Stark, Oliver Walter Solmitz, Duncan Hewitt, Lois Dodd, Dylan Ouellette, Sam Finkelstein, Hannah Barnes, David Sanipass, Maxwell Nolin, Sarah Kearsley, Gavin Spellman, Lin Snow, Peter Buotte, Mattie Rose Templeton, Allison McKeen, Janice L. Moore, Caroline Sulzer, Eva Rose Goetz, Craig Becker, Kathryn Shagas, Neal Bachmann, Abbeth Russell, Brea Corcoran, Candice Gosta, Jeffry St Peter, Marjorie Moore, Dylan de Kantzow, James Graham , Barbara Sullivan, Lisa Alonzo, Kyle Hardy, Kyle Costanzi, Pamela Moulton, John Girouard, Alice Jones, Grace Hager, Sandra Tardo Long, Anne Stuer, Don Peterson, Ben Boothby, M. P. Landis, Jessica Gandolf, David Estey, Libby Sipe, Peter Herley, Helene Farrar, Colin Penley, James Abbott, Sally Wagley, Jeffery Ackerman, Diana Arcadipone, Nancy Morgan Barnes, Jonathan Mess, Julie Poitras Santos, Nathan Allard, Rosamond Gross, Luke Myers

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