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Cynthia Thompson

I have always thought that artists, and their art, mature and grow throughout their lifetimes. Now, after many years of art making, I realize that what was there in my heart when I was young is still the prime motivating factor: storytelling. There were stories within my first drawings, and in my metal and clay sculptures. Later, as I worked for an MFA at The School of The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, I found a new way of telling stories: performance art. This freed me from the “box” of the gallery, and it required me to assemble a team to accomplish my art projects.

After Colorado State (BFA sculpture, BA education) I taught art in Boston area high schools. I taught by example, making large pots next to the students. I showed their work twice yearly, and helped many get into art school. I entered the MFA program at the Museum School as a clay sculptor and metalsmith, but soon took my work off the pedestal, out into the public, doing art performances in Boston and in New York at the Kitchen and Franklin Furnace. As a visiting artist at ASU, teaching performance art and installation art, I realized that I needed more than just me to do large scale public art. I started Transformit in 1987.


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