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Greg Shattenberg

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Born to a military family, Washington State is a faded second to Maine. Formative years were in Washington State, California, Japan, and the Philippines. Studied at the University of Washington, graduating with a BFA from Cornish College. Relocated to Maine in 1981. Live and raised a family in West Paris, currently working happily in an Auburn studio. Jobs are held in support of making art when the bills accumulate.

The work is mixed media on paper. In the artist's mind, they are drawings. They are drawings because there is ultimately an application of pigment by friction. They are mixed media because there is no limit to what can be done prior to the use of friction. Media includes cyanotype, collotype, intaglio, photocopy, solvent transfer, litho inks, spray paint, coffee, gold leaf, letterpress, typewriter, daisy wheel printer, folds, graphite, colored pencil, pastel, dry pigment, collage, cast paper, rag paper and fixative.


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